Bringing Focus To Remote Corners Of The Globe

RingMD Mobile Eyecare Clinic



Our technology can effectively reach remote rural populations, even via walking or biking. It's durable and easily transportable.



It can serve millions, even billions, of people, without the high costs associated with traditional brick-and-mortar hospitals and clinics.



Efficiently deliver care to populations that live on $1-3 USD a day.


Setting independent

Works irrespective of language barriers, environmental concerns, WiFi availability, and other pre-existing infrastructure in a region.


Globally intuitive

So easy to use that even people without access to formal education can be trained to effectively deliver care to their community.

RingMD's Mobile Eyecare Office Solution

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There are approximately 4.2 billion people around the world that require eyeglasses to see: yet, 2.5 billion people still don't have them.

80% of these people, 2 billion, live in less economically developed countries– further hindering or preventing access to care for their visual impairments.

This is tragic. We're working to change this.

RingMD, a global community of local providers.

RingMD is trusted by thousands of doctors, therapists, specialists, and wellness experts from across the globe.

Hundreds of thousands of people from 50+ countries have used our directory to discover a local therapist, doctor, or wellness expert.

How it works

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Step 1: Patient registration

The patient, with the assistance of the trained local technician, creates a profile so their information can be saved and a prescription can be issued.


Step 2: Visual acuity test

The patient then undergoes a basic eye test, A.K.A "Visual Acuity Test," to determine the smallest letters they can read from a standardized chart. If you've been to an optometrist's office, you should be familiar with this. This test is done for each eye.

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Step 3: Refractor test

The patient uses our auto-refractor device to test for the extent that their eyes need to be corrected with a prescription.

Step 4: Review results

The results from the visual acuity and refractor tests are displayed on a tablet device and sent to an optometrist on the RingMD platform for review.

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Step 5: Connect to an optometrist

The optometrist explains the situation and answers any questions the patient may have.

Step 6: Prescription determined

The prescription is finalized after consulting with the optometrist. The glasses with prescription lenses are then made and delivered on the spot.

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Step 7: Glasses delivered immediately

It's as simple as that. With these 7 steps, we're working to help billions of people across the globe to see the world more clearly.

Together let's solve global blindness!

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